Multi+® decking screw

No need for pre-drilling!

Multi+® decking screws are especially designed for all types of decking wood! Multi+®: professional universal screws with unique and revolutionary features which makes assembling easier, faster and at lower costs. Suitable for all types of wood!

Specifications Multi+® decking screw

  1. The specially designed cut point reduces splitting of the wood.
  2. Six-lobe recess for much better grip.
  3. The self-countersinking head are manufactured with cutting ribs to provide a perfect and smooth finish flush with the wood.
  4. Lubricated to improve assembly time.
  5. Square knifed thread reduces drive-in torque.
  6. AISI screws 50 mm or longer have u-threads on the shafts that reduces driving torque and have a positive effect in energy saving of power drivers.
  7. Double special ring thread reduces drive-in time (A2).
  8. Available in diameter 4×40 up to 5×80 mm, in AISI-410 and Stainless Steel A2

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