Multi+® timber construction screw

Multi+® timber construction screws: New in our assortment!!

This screw is the classic multi-purpose screw for wood constructing – high-class, fast and reliable! It is especially hardened for high solidity and slide coated to reduce the screw-in resistance. Thanks to the washer cap head, there is no separate use of washers required. That makes assembly times shorter and offers improved pullthrough values.

Specifcations Multi+® timber construction screws

  1. Washer cap head (no separate use of washers required)
  2. Coarse thread including patented follower thread rolled out to the tip makes screwing quicker, minimizes blast effect
  3. Lower torque during fastening
  4. No pre-drilling required
  5. The friction part reduces screwing resistance.

Multi+®: professional universal screws with unique and revolutionary features which makes assembling easier, faster and at lower costs. Suitable for all types of wood!

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