Multi Plus® Torx® ttap®

Patented Torx® ttap®

Multi Plus®  ttap® is unique! This  universal screw is manufactured with the patented Torx® ttap®. This reduces the “wobbling” effect and guarantees “Stick-Fit”! Screw driving with one hand is possible with less physical effort and pressure required.

Multi Plus® : professional universal screws with unique and revolutionary features which makes assembling easier, faster and at lower costs. Suitable for all types of wood!

Specifications Multi Plus® ttap®

  1. The screw is provided with the patented Torx® ttap®
  2. The sharp pointed type 17 starts quickly and easily eliminating any splitting and prevents damage to furniture hardware.
  3. Screws 50mm or longer have u-threads on the shafts that reduces driving torque and have a positive effect in energysaving of power drivers.
  4. The self-countersinking heads are manufactured with cutting ribs to provide a perfect and smooth finish flush with the surface of the wood.
  5. Serrated threads at the point for easier drive and rapid installation
  6. Lubricated to improve assembly time.
  7. Available in sizes from 3×12 up to 6×200 mm in steel zinc plated
  8. Incl. Torx ® ttap ® bit in each box.

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