Wood screws with unique and revolutionary features

Multi+® are universal wood screws with unique features, suitable for most types of wood

Multi+® Torx® ttap®

The Multi+® ttap® is unique. This screw is manufactured with a patented Torx® ttap® drive. Screw driving with one hand is possible with less physical effort and pressure required.Read more.

Multi+® timber construction screws (Tellerkopf)

This screw is the classic multi-purpose screw for wood constructing – high-class, fast and reliable! It is especially hardened for high solidity and slide coated to reduce the screw-in resistance. Thanks to the washer cap head, there is no separate use of washers required. That makes assembly times shorter and offers improved pullthrough values. Read more

Multi+® universal screws Pozidriv

Multi+®  universal screw has a special sharp pointed type 17. Therefore it starts quickly and easily eliminating any splitting and prevents damage to furniture hardware. This screw has Pozidriv recess for better grip and ribs under the head. Read more

Multi+® decking screws

The Multi+® decking screws are available in AISI-410 and Stainless Steel A2. The specially designed cut point reduces splitting of the wood. They have a six-lobe recess for much better grip. Read more