This screw is manufactured with the patented Torx® ttap® that reduces the “wobbling” effect and guarantees “Stick-Fit”!

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The sharp pointed starts quickly and easily eliminating any splitting and prevents damage to furniture hardware.

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Multi+® Decking Screws

These Multi+® screws are especially designed for all types of decking wood! There is no need for pre-drilling!

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Multi plus ® are professional universal screws with unique and revolutionary features Multi plus ® universal screws with patented torx ® ttapwhich makes assembling easier, faster and at lower costs. Suitable for all types of wood!

The Multi plus ® ttap ® is an unique and professional screw that is manufactured with the patented Torx ® ttap ®. This reduces the “wobbling” effect and guarantees Stick-Fit! Screw driving with one hand is possible with less physical effort and pressure required.

Torx ® ttap ® is a drive system designed to work excellently with all types of assembling, including demanding professional applications. It makes collated screw feeders work efficiently!Torx ® ttap ® makes screw assembling easier, faster and at lower costs:
  • Screwdriver enters the screw recess more easily (also advantage on collated screws)
  • Authentic ttap®  combined with Torx® Drive Systems: Greater torque and drive tool life
  • Stick-fit: screwdriver “sticks-fit” in the recess
  • No wobbling: driver does not wobble and cam-out of the reces
  • One-handed operation: possible because it is stable, you don’t need one hand on the screw and the other on the driver
  • No need to push: no end-load on screwdriver needed
  • No magnetic bit holder needed: thus there are no steel splinters to clog the bit
  • Guiding: screwdriver enters the screw recess more easily (also advantage on collated screws)
  • Multi plus® ttap® is 100 % Torx® recess and backward convertible with Torx® and genereix six-lobe
  • Multi plus® ttap® works excellent with collated screws – screwdriver enters the recess more easily

Multi-plus® – MultiPlus® – Multi +® – Multi Plus ®